Here are some tips that can help the process seem a lot easier


A surgery that reduces your appetite – even though this seems unrealistic – realistically bariatric surgery can do wonders for your body. Not only are you losing excess weight from your body, but you’re also reducing the risk of several diseases after the procedure is complete. However, the thought of any surgery can get you worrying about the recovery process.

Fortunately – recovering from bariatric surgery isn’t as uncomfortable you might think. After the surgery, patients only have to spend two to three days at the hospital, and after three to five weeks, they can resume everyday life!

Here are some tips that can help the process seem a lot easier.

1.   Get Supportive Pillows

Recovering from bariatric surgery isn’t a long process of endless suffering. After the surgery, you might have some problems sleeping on your side (if you prefer to that is). This problem can be easily solved with some supportive pillows that can help you distribute your weight.

Several pillows can give you extra support under your neck, your knees, and your lower back. Having these pillows will make sleeping a lot easier, and you won’t have to change sides frequently to feel comfortable.

2.   Drink Lots of Water

This is a universal healthcare tip that can be applied in almost every condition, and it works in this case, too. One of the best ways you can speed up the recovery process is by keeping yourself hydrated at all times.

When you drink plenty of water, you can flush the medications that were used during surgery – like anesthesia. Water can also decrease the risk of you getting a urinary tract infection, and it can help regulate the pain you might get after the surgery.

Try to keep a water bottle by your side at all times.

3.   Make Sure People Are Around You

This isn’t something you can buy or an object you have control over, but having a loved one around you will make the recovery process smooth. Even though you might have a habit of walking your dog, doing the dishes, or making sure your car has gas – you might not be able to do all of this for a little while.

This is where your family and friends can help. Not only will these people run errands for you, but emotional support can mean the world, too. However, if you don’t have these people around you, you can also hire a nurse for help.

4.   Stock Up On Easy Meals

Before you go through the surgery process, make sure you have easy-to-cook meals in your home. Even if you have these meals in your home, there’s a good chance the recovery process won’t allow you to make them. But with that being said, you’ll be having liquid-only meals for the first few days of recovery.

However, as time passes by you’ll be allowed to have solid foods but try not to go back to your old eating habits. Make the most of your new body – exercise often, and recovering from bariatric surgery will be smooth sailing!

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