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the farmhouse diet

Order Your Copy of “The Farmhouse Diet”

In Dr. Suggs’ highly rated book, The Farmhouse Diet, he provides a commonsense, no-nonsense approach to eating healthy and healthy living. The hardest part of a diet is sticking to it. This diet plan seeks to be a reasonable eating plan consistent with lifestyle changes for long-term success with weight control, whether you’ve had bariatric surgery, an Orbera intragastric balloon, taken diet medications, or no interventions at all. In the long run, I never say no to anything.

Moderation is the key, as well as identifying your diet struggles and addictions. Have a problem with carbs, fast food, or alcohol? Then, those are areas you’ll need help with avoiding or moderating. Having someone hold you accountable, or avoiding places that promote your eating of those things is important. For bariatric and non-bariatric patients, the principles for keeping the weight off is the same.

what this diet is

  • Lifestyle change
  • Common sense
  • Something that you can stick to
  • Delicious and satisfying

what this diet is not

  • Faddish
  • Demanding organic, gluten free, grain free, or vegan eating
  • Impossible to do long-term
  • Expensive
  • Radical

keys to diet success

  • Must be realistic and achievable
  • Reasonable, do-able lifestyle changes
  • Have a daily eating plan
  • Exercise regularly and intensely
  • Improved health and fitness is more important than a number
  • Maintain the weight and level of fitness that you worked so hard to achieve