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medical weight loss program

The Alabama Bariatrics Medical Weight Loss Program is a different type of physician-led weight loss program. Whether you are one of our old patients, never had bariatric surgery, or had your bariatric surgery elsewhere a long time ago, we can help.

how it works

You’ll get a comprehensive evaluation by expert weight loss physicians and bariatric surgeons, Dr. Jay Suggs and Dr. Andrew Harner. You will not be put on controlled substances, which are high risk, and don’t result in very good weight loss. Another difference is that you’ll be counselled by a bariatric dietician.

why ozempic

Our program utilizes the non-controlled substance, Ozempic. Ozempic, or semaglutide, is a new medication that results in rather impressive weight loss. Why Ozempic? Unlike other weight loss medications like Mounjaro, Wegovy, and Zepbound, Ozempic is the only one with a pen with 8 mg of drug. This is the only delivery device that can be manipulated to get a full 13 weeks of drug, compared to 4 weeks with the other medications at the same price. It’s like getting a 3 for 1 deal! Also, Ozempic is not a controlled substance like many older weight loss drugs, and Ozempic is much more effective.

here’s how it works

  • 14 week program

  • Initial comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Suggs or Dr. Harner

    • Monthly visits in person or via telehealth
    • 1st visit: screening, comprehensive evaluation, order labs. Rx for Ozempic and other meds. ***patient must pay the doctor fee before receiving any Rx*** Visit with Jodi Valdez, RD)(telehealth)
    • 2nd visit: only after seen by Jodi. This is the visit after patient gets the Ozempic pen. Brings in for pen marking, education on usage, and 1st dose. A copy of The Farmhouse Diet is given as well, and labs and health history are reviewed
    • 3rd – 6th visit: virtual.
  • Dietician counseling

    • Initial comprehensive evaluation via telehealth
    • 2 additional nutritional visits via telehealth
    • Constant reassessment of one’s diet, making corrections along the way
  • Coaching

    • Personalized fitness program designed by an exercise physiologist, including referral to a gym or classes
    • Support group referral


  • Total cost approximately $2000

  • Dietician (Jodi Valdez, RD)* $100.
  • Doctor fee $939 (includes copy of the Farmhouse Diet).
  • Medication approximately $960 for the whole 12 weeks.
  • All costs are paid up front.
  • Labs are billed to insurance, but nothing else; hopefully, insurance pays for Zofran, omeprazole, and colace.
  • We don’t do PA’s, but will provide all documentation if the patient desires to try to get remimbursed.
  • Early termination of the program will not result in a refund, nor will we convert you to a controlled substance such as phentermine.
  • Patients may continue the program in 8+ weeks increments for the additional Doctor fee of $600 and the cost of the medication.
  • Patients may re-engage with the program at later dates for additional weight loss, or if they regain weight.
  • Some patients may need to stay on a long-term maintenance dose to keep weight down.
*Alabama Bariatrics and dietician Jodi Valdez bill separately

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