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Reversal of Diabetes

reversal of diabetes

Let’s talk about diabetes. Solely with the help of exercise and a diet routine, losing weight can be a huge hassle. People dealing with extreme obesity don’t think there are many ways of losing weight, so they lose hope in the process. However, an affordable weight loss surgery is an option that is specifically used for cases like such. Past evidence on bariatric surgery has suggested that once the procedure is complete, lower death rates are noticed in individuals going through obesity.

To go through the whole process effectively, a person must stick to a lifestyle that is healthy and must be able to cope with the changes that come with the procedure. But this also goes to say that an affordable weight loss surgery in Birmingham, Alabama has several other advantages that just weight loss, and there’s a specific reason the process works for people.

Think about it this way – wouldn’t you eat less if you felt you were after having a little amount of food? If you did, you’d eat a loss less, your body would have a lesser fat content, and you wouldn’t be overweight. An affordable weight loss surgery procedure can quicken the pace of your transition to a normal life. This process is usually recommended to people who have not found success in other weight loss methods, and are starting to see adverse effects due to their obesity.

When you go through the bariatric surgery procedure, the capacity of your stomach is reduced. This, in turn, limits your food intake and you start feeling normal a lot sooner. But it is also worth noting that there are several other benefits of an affordable weight loss surgery in Birmingham, Alabama that go beyond the weight-scale.

The primary benefit of bariatric surgery can be understood from the name – weight loss. But as compelling the weight loss results may seem, there are several other ways a bariatric surgery procedure can help you. Here are a few other benefits people notice after going through having an affordable weight loss surgery in Birmingham, Alabama.

Reversal of Diabetes

Diabetes can be a life-threatening disease if not treated properly. It is also linked to obesity and in fact, 20.7% of all adults who are obese suffer from the disease. Type 2 diabetes is often categorized as the most dangerous kind because as it progresses, it causes nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage and an increased blood pressure altogether.

Fortunately for diabetic patients, an affordable weight loss surgery can manage the risk that comes with diabetes symptoms a lot more easily. If they’re lucky, the bariatric surgery process can get rid of the disease entirely. According to one study, 65% of all diabetic patients don’t require medicine after going through the bariatric surgery procedure.

Decreased Cancer Risk

Apart from diabetes, extreme obesity can have other adverse effects, too. One of them is an increased risk of cancer. Once our body tends to gain weight in excess amounts, the cells start to get inflamed. This cause several changes in our body, and one of them is the development of cancerous cells. This happens because the visceral fat cells in the human body are large. Once the size of these cells starts to increase, they start to ask for more room for oxygen.

This factor causes inflammation. That is because inflammation is our body’s natural response to a disease or an injury. For example, when a person gets a cut in their body – have you noticed how the wound starts to swell? This inflammation process helps repair the wound and is a vital part of the healing process.

Cancer becomes a problem when our body starts to produce cells uncontrollably. This process damages the cells in your body which causes the illness. The faster these cells reproduce and divide, the higher is the risk of something going wrong (perhaps a tumor). However, an affordable weight loss surgery in Birmingham, Alabama, can reduce the risk that comes with cancer by a third.

No More Sleep Apnea


Sleep Apnea is annoying disease that can be dangerous if not tended to properly. Because of this disease, when a person is sleeping, their throat can get obstructed and breathing can become difficult. This disease can be increasingly annoying for people who are obese.

But yet again, an affordable weight loss surgery procedure can get rid of this problem, too. Sleep Apnea patients often have to use a CPAP machine at night to ensure that their breathing airways remain open at all times. However, once they’re done with the surgery, they no longer have to use the machine. Not only can it help them get rid of sleep apnea, but a healthy BMI can also ensure you have a deeper and better sleep.

Better Erectile Function and Fertility

Most men who are dealing with a problem like obesity also have to deal with erectile dysfunction. Approximately 30 million in America experience some variation of the problem. If you’re one of these people, recognizing this problem isn’t too complicated because its symptoms are easy to understand.

  • You won’t be able to achieve an erection. If you are, it won’t last too long.
  • You might also notice a decreased sexual desire.

You might experience these symptoms for a few weeks or some days, but if these symptoms manage to stick around, you might need to consult a doctor. Even though several other factors can cause erectile dysfunction, obesity is one of the most common reasons for an erectile dysfunction. Apart from ED, men who are obese can also develop the risk of:

  • Diabetes
  • Atherosclerosis
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease

Even though these diseases alone can cause ED, combined with obesity there can be a greater chance. Apart from men, women who are overweight can have problems conceiving a child, too. This is because they can experience of the excessive problems they face during ovulation or their periods. But the singular solution for both of these problems can be an affordable weight loss surgery in Birmingham, Alabama.

One study found men that men 30% of all men who lost weight gained back proper erectile function, also showed signs of reduced oxidative markers.

Relief from Joint Pain

Excessive weight can also a serious effect on the joints of our body. When a person starts to gain weight, their bones start to adapt to increased pressure. But at one point, the pressure on the joint because of the weight can become unbearable and that is when an obese person’s joints can start to hurt. One of the most common ways of getting rid of a joint pain like such is an affordable weight loss surgery.

People who lose weight with the help of bariatric surgery have frequently reported better mobility and decreased joint pain. This also improves their posture and their style of walking and decrease the chance of an injury.

Increased Energy


Since obese people have excess weight that can take a lot of effort to move, they tend to get tired quickly and can face a lot of problems while exercising. Even when you’re done exercising, you rarely get to have a good night’s sleep since problems like sleep apnea can make resting impossible. However, after the bariatric surgery procedure can take off the extra weight from your body and leave you feeling more energized.

You get better sleep and increased mobility. The addition of these two factors in your day-to-day life change it completely. Your body’s oxygen efficiency improves which means that you don’t run out of breath as easily as before.

Decreased Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Obesity can also impact the human body’s respiratory system. This impact can directly increase the likelihood of you experiencing allergies and asthma and if these conditions worsen quickly if a person doesn’t pay attention. However a bariatric surgery procedure can help you get rid of this problem while making your exercise routine a lot more enjoyable. This can in turn improve ability to breathe and reduce the symptoms of asthma and different allergies.

Reduction of Depressive Episodes

Anxiety and depression are often associated with poor food choices, and a sedentary lifestyle. With the passage of time if these problems continue, they can cause obesity. According to the CDC, 43 percent of all adults that have been diagnosed for depression are obese. It is also noticed that when depression is noted amongst children, they usually have a body mass index (BMI) higher than most children.

One of the most common reasons obesity can cause depression is because of the excessive stress overweight people feel. Because of the stress caused by obesity, people can turn to food as a coping mechanism or as a distraction, which further contributes to their excessive weight. According to experts, it isn’t clear how this cycle can turn out to be in the later stages of life, but the link between them is clear.

For several years, the connection between the two hasn’t been clear, but as results have become conclusive, obesity and depression have started to show a clear connection. Obese people often also feel depressed because of the social stigma or the poor body image they have. Since their appearance doesn’t align with societal standards, they often dive unwillingly into a downward spiral of depression.

However, the drastic change people get to see in their bodies after an affordable weight loss surgery can be relieving. Younger people who are obese find it hard to difficult in physical activities, and when they aren’t able to, they isolate themselves. Losing this excess weight with the help of an affordable weight loss surgery in Birmingham Alabama can help them get their confidence back.

How Can Bariatric Surgery Cause Weight Loss?

It is essential to remember than once a person has gone through the bariatric surgery procedure, they can’t eat as much as they did previously. Not only is this something that a doctor will prevent you to do, but because of a smaller stomach, you won’t be able to eat a lot of food. After the surgery, your new stomach pouch will only be able to hold a limited amount of food (a few ounces).

Secondly, the bariatric surgery procedure also changes the hormones that are produced by the intestines. These hormones end up decreasing your hunger and improve the way your body digests sugar. This is also why diabetic patients greatly benefit from the procedure.

Thirdly, since your intestines are changed after the operation, some of the fat content in the food you eat isn’t absorbed into your body. This is also another reason why you lose weight.

How Do You Prepare for An Affordable Weight Loss Surgery In Birmingham, Alabama?

On most occasions, weight loss experts like Alabama Bariatrics  begin the medical evaluation by checking if the person is healthy enough to go through the procedure. Different kinds of tests are scheduled to understand if the person has any undiagnosed medical problems that can be linked to their obesity.  These tests can also help a doctor understand if a person’s vitamins levels are normal.

Once these tests are done and a person is deemed fit for a bariatric surgery, they start preparing with a nutritionist and psychologist. These experts can help them identify the factors in their life that contribute to their unhealthy lifestyle and their eating habits that are causing damage to their body.

Wrapping Up

The dramatic journey an individual goes through because of an affordable weight loss surgery procedure can feel like a roller coaster to say the least. But once the surgery is done and you look in the mirror again, the sight that you see can rejuvenate your self-confidence. If you’re on a quest to find your true self by losing weight – you can start your voyage towards a healthier lifestyle with the help of Alabama Bariatrics.

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