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There’s an App for That

There’s an App for That

Since mobile phones usage is growing more popular than ever, it would make sense that people with certain medical conditions or have been through certain medical procedures, would create mobile apps to meet some of their needs. There are several factors that come into play when patients are participating in weight loss surgery recovery and luckily, there are several apps to cover the multiple needs of bariatric patients.

Waterlogged- Because Hydration is Important


Maybe it isn’t just food that you are worried about after you are recovering from weight loss surgery. After all, hydration is considered a much more important need to be met according to survivalists around the world.  How can you tell if you are drinking enough water, or are getting water poisoning from too much of it?

That is where Waterlogged comes in.

Waterlogged is just as the name implies, it is a water intake record and reminder app. The app itself is easy to use, utilizes simple graphics that tell you how much water you have left to drink throughout the day, and has an option that will give you reminders about when it is time to drink more water. The developers of the app claim that it works in tandem with other devices like   Apple Health, Fitbit & more.”

There is a downside to the weight loss surgery recovery patient who plans on utilizing this specific app. While the app itself is free, they only give you the journaling portion of the app for no charge. Their reminder feature that I mentioned before is only a paid option.

The good news is that the app is now available for both Apple and Google Play stores, so those users who are going through weight loss surgery recovery and want to use the app are not restricted to a specific IOS platform.



Workout Trainer- A Personal Trainer in your Pocket

Another challenge for those who are undergoing weight loss surgery recovery, is the challenge of getting into a workout routine. Maybe there is a scheduling dispute, or maybe it just didn’t become much of a habit before they decided to take a big step in weight loss. The point is, sometimes all a person needs is a little motivation and planning ahead. That is where the Workout Trainer app comes into play.

This app has it all, customizable workouts, new uploads every day, a built-in timer for each workout, and a way to record and share your progress with others through their official website The developers and trainers behind the app are aware of the different levels of working out that people are used to, and take that into account

What’s more this app’s content is mostly free! A common trend that I have noticed in workout apps is that they let you download the app, then give you a free month trial before making you pay a subscription fee afterward. The prices of the fees vary, but after paying quite a bit of money on surgical expenses, the last thing a patient that is undergoing weight loss surgery recovery needs is to pay even more money towards their goal of being happy and healthy.


Zombies Run! – Making Your Workout a Game!


Are you a fan of the Walking Dead? Are you a zombie enthusiast? Or, maybe you want a distraction for your brain while you try to get into your exercise routine? Either way, this app creatively taps into your imaginative side by turning it into a game of deadly motivation. They have a playlist of different and immersive stories that can shake up your cardio routine, and they offer in-game rewards for completing your supply run missions.

Seasons 1-3 are free to play on both Android and Apple. If you try it out and find that the story keeps you motivated to jog, you can purchase a few more seasons down the road.

If you are trying to find fun and engaging ways for family members to work out with you, or if you know a child or a teen who has recently undergone weight loss surgery, then I would recommend that you’d give this app a try.