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How Positivity Can Help With your Weight Loss Surgery

Woman giving two thumbs up
Woman giving two thumbs up

How Positivity Can Help With your Weight Loss Surgery

If you think about it, our mental attitude can make or break the quality of our lives. This is often why it looks like some of the people who have nothing are all smiles. All while the people who have everything look like they are in constant misery. People in the world can do incredibly powerful things when their heart is in something, given the right conditions. But getting people to change their attitude towards things it isn’t as easy as telling someone to just “get over themselves. Prepping yourself for weight loss surgery, and good habits are hard. Especially if you really have no idea how or where to start. So, today we are going to go over a few tidbits of advice that can help you feel more confident about getting ready for your weight loss surgery.

Learn to Love your Body

This one seems insurmountable, but if you do not get past this hurdle, then all the weight loss surgery and dieting and makeovers in the world cannot help you. It is not an easy thing to do, especially since it is very common if not outright acceptable for most people in the US to have a negative bias towards overweight individuals. However, with a little bit of time and patience, you can learn to love your body.

Decrease your Criticism

If you are getting ready to undergo your own weight loss surgery, then you are probably already very aware that you need to lose your excess weight. You don’t need to remind yourself about that. Especially in a negative fashion. It is very tempting to punish yourself for your own bad habits.

But what good will it do? Seriously, think about it. How productive can beating yourself up possibly be? Especially if you are already addressing your problem by getting ready for weight loss surgery?  As someone who beats themselves up often over the dumbest of things, I can tell you that it will not do you any good. If anything it will increase your chances of failure, because you are already attaching yourself to that label.  So, if you catch yourself being negative, stop it.  It is just unproductive at this point.

Compliment Yourself

It is not hard for you to look in front of the mirror and find something you dislike about yourself. It is a pretty common exercise that parents often pass down to their children after all. But, have you tried doing the opposite? Nobody has a combination of irredeemable features out there. Even if it is something small, there is always something that a person likes about themselves aesthetically.

           Look at your facial features, your arms, your legs, you can find something anything that makes you feel confident. And when you do, go out of your way to tell yourself how much you like that part of you. And if you can’t find anything external, there is always something internal that a person likes about themselves.  Just keep your focus on that, and push out all the negativity. Before you know it, you will be a much more confident person and ready to take on the things that seem difficult.

Don’t Obsess about the Scale and Diet

There is a fine line between using the scale as a guide and letting the numbers dictate your life. Weight loss is not about micromanaging every aspect of yourself.  Think about it. What sort of quality of life does that sort of obsession get you? Will you obsess every single data point on the label? Will, you not go out with your friends because they are getting dessert? Or, will you just get on and off the scale repeatedly just to check and see if the numbers are somehow lower?

This sort of micromanagement is not good for you both before and after weight loss surgery. First of all, this is because the reasoning behind it isn’t sound. A lot of things contribute to weight, muscle mass, water weight, and body fat. And that all can change at different points of the day.   Granted, the scale can give you a good general barometer, but it isn’t so accurate that you can live or die by it.

Second, this sort of obsession will encourage inconsistent behavior.  If you get obsessed to the point of exhaustion, the whole process will be a bad experience overall. Making the idea and execution of weight loss much more temporary. After all, if you work until you drop, the only thing you are doing is hurting yourself until you think there is a right time to quit. And that is not a sustainable practice. You are much better off being aware but not overly obsessed.

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