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Why Paying Cash for Weight Loss Surgery Can be a Good Idea

Why Paying Cash for Weight Loss Surgery Can be a Good Idea

Anyone who has ever lived on a fixed income or lived with a minimum wage budget will tell you that our fantasies of being rich differ than the fantasies with the middle class. Hell, it is a running joke that Millennials and Gen Z’s fantasize about things far more different than our predecessors.

Anyway, our greatest fantasies of this generation include being able to pay off everything we own in cash. There is something almost liberating about the idea of going to a car dealership or a realtor and just dropping a stack of bills in front of the person who will sell us the product. There is no negotiation, no wheedling, and no headaches. We would be too rich at that moment to deal with that sort of nonsense.

What if I told you that you don’t necessarily have to be rich to reenact that fantasy? Believe it or not, it is not too much of a far cry for business owners to also want to take part in that sort of scenario. Including both medical professionals and cosmetic surgeons.

Let’s investigate why medical professionals prefer to deal with cash, and how it could benefit you to do so.

Everyone Hates Insurance Companies

There is a running joke in the media about for profit lawyers being sleazy, bureaucratic, dishonest, and immoral. This is because they make money, lots of money, from the squabbles and misery of their clients.

Well, no matter how much insurance companies would like to claim otherwise, they too are often seen by everyone else as a profession run by people who are just as sleezy, and unscrupulous.

And for good reason too.

Why Patients Hate Insurance Companies

There was ,and still is, a high demand for and affordable and comprehensive form of medical treatment for the working poor ever since the government stopped getting involved in the public health and welfare for its citizens. However, it has been met with a slap in the face by politicians from both sides, and hospitals that are increasing their prices to ridiculous proportions.

And the literal insult to injury of it all was that insurance companies, which were originally designed to make health care more affordable, hopped on the for profit bandwagon making even harder for people to afford quality medical care even with insurance.

They hike up the prices to insane amounts of money then blame the patient for not saving enough money just so that they can keep all the profits from deductibles for themselves.

They care less about doing their job,(keeping people healthy at a reasonable cost), than they do about how much money they can squeeze out of the people who need medical care the most.

The proof is in the rising rates, and it is immoral and despicable.

Why Doctors hate Insurance Companies

Insurance companies today do not only cause enough of a financial strain on patients, but it causes a headache for surgeons and other medical specialists as well. Their offices must jump through a series hoops and cross through a maze of red tape to even get paid properly, if on time at all.

In the time they spend trying to negotiate for the money they have earned for their services, they are turning away potential clients and are losing tens of thousands of dollars of profit.

Weight loss surgeons do not want to argue for every dime that they get. They want to help people and get paid for their work, just like any other service based industry.

And the more their patients know it, the more likely that both the surgeon and they can benefit from bypassing this headache.

Money Talks

Businesses love to be paid in cash. Especially businesses that are stuck regularly dealing with insurance claims. Owners of a service based business love cash, because there is far less room for doubt between them and their clientele.

When a surgeon or any other medical professional is paid in cash, they get the peace of mind that comes with not needing to negotiate for their pay. That peace of mind is worth more to them than the average patient realizes.

In fact, some surgeons are willing to pay for that sort of security.

If you come up with a payment plan outside of insurance, most doctors or any other medical service will be more than willing to give you a discount, because you are saving them stress, time, and money in the long haul.

At the very least, they would be more willing to negotiate on the matter, especially if you think you can’t afford all of it right away.

Because, a business relationship requires both trust on the part of the doctor and the patient. So, when it comes time to pay them for their goods and services, cash is a way of both parties telling one another, “I am willing to work with and trust you.”

And isn’t that better than working with someone as untrustworthy as a health insurance claims adjuster who is out to rob you both?