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Comorbid Conditions and How they Work

Alabama weight loss surgery has provided a much needed service to people who have struggled with their weight. Once most people have gone through Alabama weight loss surgery, the long-term results become astounding.  Issues like diabetes, stomach cancers, and heart disease seem to vanish. In addition, the outcome of the surgery improves or resolves more than 40 conditions related to obesity. Those are some surprisingly drastic results. Granted, the patient still has to do their own work like taking care of their exercise requirements and finding a good nutritionist.

Still, even with the need for follow up it seems almost a little too easy to keep the weight off after patients have gone through the procedure. Why is that? Does it have something to do with will power? Or is there perhaps a biological reason behind it?  Today, we are going to talk about why losing weight and keeping it off is possibly easier after Alabama weight loss surgery instead of beforehand.


Comorbid Conditions and How they Work

comorbid (ko-more-bid) condition is a common medical term meaning “multiple conditions that are common alongside one disease”. Conditions considered comorbidities are often long-term or chronic conditions. For example, an obese person can also have arthritis because of the extra weight added to their joints. Or they could also have onset diabetes thanks to a poor diet and lack of activity.

Our bodies, whether we want to admit it or not aren’t neatly compartmentalized. They are an interconnected series of reactions to an external and internal environment. gives a good example of this, ” Your heart pumps blood through a complex network of blood vessels. When your blood circulates through your digestive system, for example, it picks up nutrients your body absorbed from your last meal. Your blood also carries oxygen inhaled by the lungs.”

So if one element of your body goes through an ideal environment, the rest of your body will react positively to that environment. The same is true in reverse. If one part of your body goes through something not so ideal, the rest of your body will notice and react.  Hence, the existence of comorbid conditions in the first place.

So, what does comorbid conditions have to do with Alabama weight loss surgery results?

Well, it is entirely possible that diabetes, heart disease and other comorbid conditions can reverse themselves when a patient undergoes weight loss surgery.

It’s All about Bacteria and Guts

Our intestinal system is home to trillions of bacteria. In fact, human beings are pretty much the glorified living space for these bacteria or microbiomes. In fact, if you were to look at our entire bodies, only 10% of what makes up a human is actually comprised of human cells. The rest of us is pure bacteria. And, no two are the same either. That is part of what makes us all unique. It is a fascinating and almost terrifying thought. But an important one to realize.

This is because we and our bacteria rely on a working relationship with each other to survive. When we take care of our bodies, the microbes gain the right amount of nutrients to survive. Then, they in turn do what they can to protect their environment, our bodies.

Another fun fact is that these little guys are also responsible for our unique physical appearances.

“The specific bacterial species found in your gut, skin, and mouth make you unique. In fact, if you could compare your microbiome with yourself when you were a newborn or toddler, your microbiome would also vary greatly. As your diet, medicine, and environment changes, so does your bacterial makeup.” –

So,  what does that have to do with obesity and comorbidities?

A good chunk of bacteria that is responsible for our health reside in our gut.

A biome, or a living space for a diverse group of creatures is only as strong as their environment. When we deprive our microbes of decent nutrients by only eating junk food, we are essentially giving them little help in the way of fighting bad bacteria and maintaining our bodies.

 Eventually problems like irregular hormones and  the mishandling of waste in our bodies start to come up as a result of the lack of good bacteria trying to protect their home.


 Reversal of Comorbidities after Alabama Weight Loss Surgery

 But, again, the reverse is true. When people start removing excess body fat and eating good nutrients, the bacteria can start patching things up.

So, if this was applied on a larger scale, we can start getting a more clear picture of why Alabama weight loss surgery changes things. Without the excess fat cells and lack of nutrients in the way, good bacteria can thrive in our bodies again. When that happens, they will start to adapt to their new environment and will do what they can to keep it running smoothly.

Recently, medical researchers found that” following surgery, altered patterns of digestion and absorption lower in the gut trigger production of higher levels of gut hormones, especially glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP-1), which in turn causes higher insulin production.”

Once the weight loss surgery happens our bodies are aware enough of the change to start fixing what went wrong. These microbes now have a newly balanced ecosystem to thrive in.



The reason why people lose weight more easily and why comorbidities seem to reverse themselves is because the mass removal of  excess body fat gives the bacteria in our gut a fighting chance. Once the bacteria in our guts have a better environment, they can work hard to preserve it.  Our bodies are amazingly resilient. However, they still need to be given a fighting chance. The best way to do that is exercise to help in the removal of waste and eat plenty of bacteria friendly nutrients. If you want to give your bacteria extra help, a little fermented food and yogurt can go a long way. Remember to take care of yourself. You have trillions of organisms counting on you.