Have you had a gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, or laparoscopic adjustable gastric band but have now regained weight?  Maybe it’s a matter straying from those healthy eating habits you learned after your bariatric surgery, or not getting your band adjusted regularly, or failing to do follow up with your bariatric surgeon.

Alabama Bariatrics and Nutrition, LLC can get you back-on-track.  Our comprehensive post-bariatric surgery program, under the auspices of bariatric surgeon Dr. Jay Suggs, is designed for patients just like you.  Whether you are one of Dr. Suggs’ old patients, or had your bariatric surgery elsewhere a long time ago, we can help.

If you have the goals of losing 50-60% or more of the weight you have regained, improving your eating habits, correcting vitamin deficiencies and medical comorbidities, increasing exercise, and in general feeling more well, then give us a call.

Here’s how it works:

  • 6 month program
  • Initial comprehensive evaluation by Dr. Suggs
    • Identify problems or illness, if any
    • Check vitamin levels and nutritional status
    • Follow up visits may be indicated to correct the above
    • For patients with a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band, additional, even frequent, visits will be made in order to have progressive weight loss; the initial adjustment will be under fluoroscopy at an outpatient center
  • Dietician counseling
    • Initial comprehensive evaluation (1 hour)
    • 6 additional monthly nutritional visits (1/2 hour each)
    • Constant reassessment of one’s diet, making corrections along the way
  • Coaching
    • 6 monthly visits (start a month after Dr. Suggs’ initial evaluation) in person or via FaceTime/phone
    • Accountability and encouragement
    • personalized fitness program designed by an exercise physiologist, including referral to a gym or classes
    • Support group referral
  • Once back on track, it’s expected that the patient will continue with annual visits with the bariatric surgeon and dietician (if not more often), as well as continue healthy eating habits and exercise


  • Total cost $650
    • Dietician (7 visits) $300
    • Initial Surgeon evaluation (Dr. Suggs) $150 (if insurance covers the consultation, then the $150 will be refunded)
    • Coaching $200
    • Laboratory and other studies are an additional cost which hopefully will be paid for by your insurance.  These can usually be done through your primary care physician.
  • Additional costs for band adjustments
    • $125 (outpatient surgery center) + $125 (surgeon) for fluoroscopic adjustments  (all initial adjustments must be done under fluoroscopy)
    • $125 per office adjustment
    • We will accept what insurance pays for adjustments, if you have coverage
  • Payment structure
    • All costs are paid up front
    • Any additional follow-up visits with the surgeon will be billed to the insurance or patient at the usual fee schedule
    • Nutrition, LLC and Alabama Bariatrics bill separately

Getting Started

Call Alabama Bariatrics today at 256-274-4523 to make your appointments.

Getting back on track for your weight loss journey

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